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It Has Been A While…

It’s 2016 and I’m back and writing new content! Please hang around for a while and click through some of the content. I promise it is high quality and will do all some good.

My Training

My training has evolved over the last ~10 years or so. At first, I was a dedicated Starting Strength disciple, until I found that it didn’t quite work with where I was at.

Then I was a dedicated 5/3/1 follower when it was first released, and I had concerns about Starting Strength. I stuck with 5/3/1 for a very long time-even founding a 5/3/1 website (the predecessor to this site was called ‘www.531forbeginners.com’). 5/3/1 was my favorite program overall, and it taught me the most about training. I know Jim Wendler is a huge fan of teaching that kind of lesson, so thank you for that, Jim!

Here are a collection of some of my 5/3/1-inspired articles

As I began to look for alternatives for my training, I came across Brandon Lilly and his various Cube protocols. I used them off and on for a period of 3 or 4 years. Everytime 5/3/1 started to go somewhat stale, I traded it for the Cube, or Cube Kingpin. I enjoyed the Cube as well, and I believe that the program is full of sage advice, direction and programming.

Here is a collection of my Cube-inspired writing

I dabbled with Brian Schwab’s Minimalist Method at a time when I needed lower-impact work to get me past a rough spot in my training. For more info on Brian’s program, check it out at EliteFTS: http://www.elitefts.com/shop/books-multimedia/team-elitefts-ebooks/brian-schwab-s-m2-method-ebook.html

After a while, I came back to the realization that some of the M2 work had less carryover for me, since I’m a raw lifter, and I have never gotten much improvement from box squats. It certainly kept me in the gym, kept me engaged, kept me in shape, and that’s what I needed for a few months. For that, it was perfect, and I am happy to have spent most of a year using Schwab’s methods.

This brought me to 5thset. 5thset is the brainchild of Cory “Swede” Burns, who is also an EliteFTS Team Member. The eBook for it is published by and sold on the EliteFTS site: . This is an eBook that is truly worth considering, if you are looking for something new to base your programming and training on. I have benefitted in so many ways and broken through so many barriers that I had trouble coming through, before.

At some point, I’ll sit down and write a post about it, to illustrate how profound the improvements to my lifts are. Until then, Here are my 2 most recent PR vids from the last cycle of #5thset training!

This is a recent Squat PR:

And my All-time Bench PR:

Note: My instagram troll already told me that he “wouldn’t count” my bench rep, but that’s OK. When I compete, I’ll make it prettier than that.

I put together a couple of posts on current gear and profvided links for them if you are interested in new gear:

Powerlifting Gear Roundup – Part 1
Powerlifting Gear Roundup – Part 2

Records and Raw Lifting

2014 Might have been a big year for raw lifting, but 2016 thus far has been HUGE. Blaine Sumner (The Vanilla Gorilla) has been killing it this year. Chad Wesley Smith, David Bell, Robb Phillipus, Zahir Kudayarov and others have been absolutely killing it this year.

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  1. Anoop

    Nice blog! You need to add some pictures bro

    • GaWdLy

      Thanks, and you’re right. I really need to start including better media with my posts.

  2. Anoop

    Hey Gawd,

    I think it would be good to create a table with all the PL routines and how they differ in volume/intensity and such. Or what is the major difference in those programs. Like why west side is different from Metal Militia or like Big 3 and such. Like a quick look up chart. just a suggestion.

    And make a facebook page for the site so you can have followers and disciples you know haha

    • GaWdLy

      Anoop, you are right on all accounts. I do need to re-formulate my front page, increase my media, and come up with some better content like your idea about programs!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Juan Caban

    Nice blog for those of us just starting out, thanks.


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