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Injury Watch

It’s unfortunate, but Powerlifting is a sport with huge risks (but no real payoff). Because professional powerlifters are always pushing their bodies past what normal humans are supposed to be capable of, injuries do happen. Injuries that occur during feats of strength where the human body is pushed to extremes tend to be extreme, unfortunately.

Brandon Lilly Injured At LA Fit Expo

Just such an injury occurred this weekend at the LA Fit Expo. As Brandon was descending on his third attempt, his left knee appeared to give, and a loud noise was heard by audience members. Brandon’s injuries (thankfully localized to his knees), were as extensive as one would imagine, and represent essentially a complete failure of both knees. Both MCLs, patellar tendons, quad tendons and meniscus. In the left leg (the leg which initially caused the injury), the ACL and patella needed to be repaired or replaced. I think the initial injury was caused by the patella being fractured.

Is Recovery Possible?

You know what the professionals would say-there’s no coming back from this. We’ve seen countless examples of these types of injuries ending someone’s career. We’ve also seen almost as many examples of people returning from catastrophic injuries, only to compete or train again (such as this young man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Bj-gyl-e4y0 )

Get well, Brandon!

Brandon Lilly Injured at LA Fit Expo

Brandon Lilly – Post-injury

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  1. Anoop

    Nice blog! You need to add some pictures bro

    • GaWdLy

      Thanks, and you’re right. I really need to start including better media with my posts.

  2. Anoop

    Hey Gawd,

    I think it would be good to create a table with all the PL routines and how they differ in volume/intensity and such. Or what is the major difference in those programs. Like why west side is different from Metal Militia or like Big 3 and such. Like a quick look up chart. just a suggestion.

    And make a facebook page for the site so you can have followers and disciples you know haha

    • GaWdLy

      Anoop, you are right on all accounts. I do need to re-formulate my front page, increase my media, and come up with some better content like your idea about programs!

      Thanks for the feedback!


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