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It Has Been A While…

2014 has been an interesting year that has shifted my focus away from lifting and this site…temporarily. You can read more about my year thus far here. Well, it wasn’t so much a shift in focus as it was total breakdown in desire for the iron…temporarily!

My Training

My training hasn’t changed much…sub-maximal raw training is where it’s at. I’ll share some details a bit later on.

Records and Raw Lifting

So much awesome lifting has happened this year! While Brandon Lilly’s injury was a low point, Derek Kendall and Eric Lilliebridge have both been high points in lifting this year. Dan Green is still a force to be reckoned with, as is Ray Williams with his HUGE 909 raw (no wraps) squat-see video below.

Derek Kendall taking a HUGE 1019 attempt. Unfortunately, he was off balance at the very top on the way back up.

Eric Lilliebridge…This guy is awesome.

5 Responses to “Welcome to Powerlifting For Beginners”

  1. Anoop

    Nice blog! You need to add some pictures bro

    • GaWdLy

      Thanks, and you’re right. I really need to start including better media with my posts.

  2. Anoop

    Hey Gawd,

    I think it would be good to create a table with all the PL routines and how they differ in volume/intensity and such. Or what is the major difference in those programs. Like why west side is different from Metal Militia or like Big 3 and such. Like a quick look up chart. just a suggestion.

    And make a facebook page for the site so you can have followers and disciples you know haha

    • GaWdLy

      Anoop, you are right on all accounts. I do need to re-formulate my front page, increase my media, and come up with some better content like your idea about programs!

      Thanks for the feedback!

  3. Juan Caban

    Nice blog for those of us just starting out, thanks.


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